How to get rid of icy spots with heated flooring

From the first time I moved into my home I have noticed that there are particular areas that are much colder than others.

I talked to a few friends about this & they explained that after they updated their heating & cooling system they never had cold spots again.

I asked them which Heating & Air Conditioning corporation I should use & they all gave me the name of the same lady. I figured I would call the Heating & Air Conditioning corporation & see what her recommendations were for fixing the issue, and when the Heating & Air Conditioning corporation came out she told me that my heating & cooling system was pretty old & that I would benefit from just about any kind of update… She explained that if I wanted to eliminate all cold spots in the home the best way would be through radiant flooring! Radiant flooring, she told me, would heat the floor up from the bottom & cause there to be an even level of heating throughout the entire house! This made a lot of sense to me & I didn’t need much more convincing from the Heating & Air Conditioning corporation. I had him come out the next day to install the heated flooring & I even had him install a new smart temperature control just so I could have the best system possible. I am legitimately ecstatic wit the updates I did to my heating & cooling system, I can legitimately tell a difference. If you’re considering radiant flooring you should take the plunge & see what it does for your heating & cooling system.

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