We fight over the thermostat

With Winter time is almost over and Springtime is here, our office supervisor is looking into new ways & tactics where all of us can work more as a team rather than individuals. There was a lot of fights throughout the office on the littlest things, which made it a super long and chilly winter. There were people arguing with each other about who took whose lunch & who is taking their pens, why are people talking so loud when talking on their phones. It was all super basic stuff & actually elementary. There were afternoons where I would just put our headphones in and not talk to any person. One of the biggest problems we faced between a group of co-workers was the heating & cooling idea & the constant changes on the thermostat, so to combat any future heating & cooling issues, our office supervisor developed a survey questioning what types of rapidly adjusting temperatures all of us feel the best and productive at. I think it’s a relaxing plan because there are particular rapidly adjusting temperatures that have all been theoretically proven that help people stay more productive. I learn that the most productive temperature is 76 degrees. Many people would like to say that this temperature is too frigid despite the fact that I think it’s perfect especially since it’s a solid balance between hot & cold! Not to mention this temperature falls in the energy saving spectrum as well. This temperature degree is a nice point to bring up to my office supervisor’s boss because I am sure the entire corporation wants to save money on heating & cooling costs, however I have high hopes that this survey it will supply our office supervisor some inclination on what to set the thermostat to.
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