The only issue was a plunger

I actually get free rent because I live in my Grandmother’s rental property.

I definitely deserve to have free rent because I am now the on site fix it guy.

My Grandmother refuses to spend any currency and won’t hire any professionals out. So anytime a toilet malfunctions, a sink leaks or a stove refuses to work, my Grandmother thinks she needs to handle the repair for it. I have taken all those duties upon myself and it is not very fun. The tenants all live in the same building as me. So they are basically always knocking on my door with different repairs. I get to install new tile in a bathroom a single day and then the next day mount a brand new shower head. I don’t mind helping out older women or new female tenants, but when a guy my age can’t figure out how to get his stove to crank on, I become a little miserable. The most recent call I got entirely made me upset. I had a tenant knock on my door in the middle of the night grumbling that there was something wrong with their toilet. I got out of bed and was anticipating a fairly serious toilet repair. I figured there would be leaking water, the toilet falling to the side or maybe a septic tank drawback. Nope, the actual issue was that the toilet was obstructed. The tenant had a plunger too. So I was basically woken up to plunge the tenant’s toilet. I only did it because I thought that there might have been a pretty sizable clog or drainage issue, however of course, it was not that at all.

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