What happiness means

To me, joy is having everything in life taken care of officially.

It’s also having solid friends plus family plus positivity in every aspect.

To do this, you need to eliminate any toxic people in your life who bring you down. I stay away from these people as much as possible. I especially don’t enjoy these types of negative people being around my children. If I hear about any kind of bullying, then I go straight to their school. I freak out plus arrange a meeting with their teachers right away, so it won’t continue. I’m always glad to have my Heating and Air Conditioning plan looked after. It’s such a major thing that keeps our home comfortable, and brings my family peace of mind knowing the air they’re breathing is pure and clean. You cannot go long without taking care of your Heating and Air Conditioning system! This is a responsibility that I try to teach my youngsters, so they follow through when they’re older too. Soon, I’m having a professional come over to clean my ductwork. I believe this will improve our air quality. I’m anticipating this! I’m also debating on getting a nice air cleaner for our home. My wife plus I have been talking about getting pregnant again, so we want to make sure the air quality in our home is suitable for a newborn baby. We’ve also been talking about building a new addition to the house before anything. I have plans to work with some dealers including the Heating and Air Conditioning business around the corner to make plans for extended ductwork into a new addition.

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