Tyler and a/c

My boyfriend Tyler saw an ad in the paper a few days ago. It was all about our local technical college. They were marketing their HVAC certification course that they were getting ready to offer for their spring semester. Tyler highlighted it to show me at lunchtime. He told me he was thinking about a career change for a couple of months now, and he was thinking seeing the ad was a sign that HVAC certification might be a positive next step. Tyler is one of those people that believes in all of these signs from the universe or God. I don’t really believe in signs like that. I was thinking the HVAC advertisement in the newspaper was more of a coincidence. Either way, he was really excited about starting to attend HVAC classes. I don’t think he’s so much excited about attending classes, but about not having to go to his old job anymore. He is sick and tired of the job he has now, which is probably why switching to a career in HVAC maintenance is so appealing. I let him know that he would probably love to learn something new like that. It would be nice if he actually wound up sticking with an HVAC career. I wouldn’t want him to was all that time and money to get his HVAC certification just to realize he doesn’t like the field at all.

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