The HVAC makes it all better

Something that my parent’s can’t get enough of in their everyday life, is nice weather control! Everywhere they go, they want to experience the best air quality, plus the best weather control settings! If my parents are eating at a restaurant and their air quality is bad, they will not hesitate to let someone know. My parents seriously don’t play around with air quality, because they’re upset about their health plus well being. My dad worries about my mom a lot because she has exhausting dust sensitivities. Because of her dust sensitivities, he had the perfect UV whole-home air purifier installed into their home. It only uses HEPA air filters too. This helps my mom a lot with her dust sensitivities, and when the two of them are out places, they can only go where the air quality is great. My parents only tend to go to places that they know have fantastic media air cleaners. Anywhere else tends to have pretty awful air quality in their opinion. My dad thinks every professional place should provide a regular media air cleaner; My mom works from their home mainly because she can’t be in places that neglect their Heating and A/C system. At least in her past experience, that’s how it usually went for her. The last office my dad worked at, the air quality was horrible too. He kept telling his boss about it, but he did not care. That’s when he left that company for somewhere that really cared about their employees!


Ductless multi split