Steve and A/C

My boyfriend Steve saw an ad in the paper the other day about our local technical college.

  • They were advertising for their heating, ventilation, and air conditioning certification course that is going to be offered in the spring.

Steve circled the ad and showed it to me at lunch. He said that he’s been thinking about a career change for a while, and he thought that this ad for the HVAC certification class might have been a sign for him to look into HVAC work. Steve is funny because he believes in all of these signs from God or from the universe in general. I’m really not that big of a believer in signs, honestly. I think that maybe it was just a coincidence that the HVAC certification class ad happened to be in the paper he was reading. Whatever the case, he’s pretty excited about starting this heating and A/C class. More than actually starting a new career, though, I think that he’s more excited about not having to go to his old job anymore. I think that he’s really sick of his job now, and that might be why the whole idea of switching over to learning about heating and air conditioning really appeals to him. I told Steve that he would probably love learning something new. I just hope that he sticks with the whole heating and cooling program, though. I would hate for him to waste time and money with the HVAC certification course and then decide that he doesn’t want to be a heating and cooling technician after all.

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