I am not able to remove the boiler in the basement

I inherited an aged boiler system when I bought my new home.

The boiler was just left in the cellar by the previous owner. I did not give it a second thought when I obtained the home. I figured I would take it out to the dump plus all would be well, but now I am wishing that I would have made the realtor put it in the contract to get the boiler removed. I don’t see how I can get it taken away. The boiler is giant, tall plus wide. The stairs for the cellar are too small plus the doorway is too narrow to fit the boiler. It can’t even be taken out through a window. I looked at the case of the heating system. I don’t even suppose if I can take it apart to remove it one piece at a time. So I can’t do it by myself. Next, I tried to see if I could get a HVAC business to take the boiler system. I figured they could recycle parts or at least keep it as a collectible. The HVAC business said that the boiler is so aged that all the parts are no longer available. I then tried to get a metal recycling company to take it. The water has destruction d the metal to the point where he doesn’t want it. Now what? I can’t remove it plus nobody will even take it if I could. How did they even put the boiler into the house? Was the cellar built around it or did a HVAC company way back when construct it piece by piece? I know I might never get rid of this old heater.


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