Fur in the HVAC

Snickers, our dog, seriously has to be the greatest dog on the planet.

  • He is completely one of the family, and we cannot see our lives without him.

Well, there is one thing that I could do without, and that’s his hair getting all over the house. No matter how much I vacuum, hair remains everywhere. It makes our home look dirty, even when I have just finished cleaning. Recently, we received a coupon in the mail for a ventilation duct and air vent cleaning at half the price. I didn’t think it was something we needed at first, but when I found furballs invading the space underneath the couch, I decided calling the HVAC company for an appointment was probably smart. The HVAC service truck pulled into the driveway, and I began to panic. I was worried about what the technician might pull from inside our vents. He was a really nice guy though, which relieved me a bit. He retrieved his cleaning items from the truck, came in, and went straight to work. It didn’t seem like anything was coming from the ducts at first. Suddenly, there was a loud thud and out came a huge ball of dog fur. I was so embarrassed by it, but the HVAC technician just kept sucking. It was like that one ball of fur had been blocking everything else from coming out!


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