Why I need zoned HVAC in the office is a nice idea

At my place of work they recently replaced the Heating and A/C equipment.

We had a very old central Heating and A/C system.

There were air ducts stretched across the ceiling. The ducts were in terrible shape. We had one central thermostat to adjust for the whole building. The duct delivered heated and cooled air to every section in the building. Every space was the same temperature. With multiple workers, there was a wide variety of temperature control preferences. Nobody agreed on a thermostat setting. The thermostat was altered every few minutes. This put a lot of wear and tear on the heating and cooling equipment. There were arguments over cooling in the Summer and heating in the winter. The owner of the building finally changed over to ductless HVAC, which provides zone control. Each room is able to be set to a different temperature and does not affect the others. Rooms have an independent air handler and a smart thermostat. The people in that room can determine what temperature they want and it only will affect them. We are allowed to choose what area we prefer. My group is very moderate in our choices. We leave the thermostat at seventy degrees. If that translates into heating or cooling, it doesn’t matter. We dress for the job and there are no arguments. If someone gets too hot or cold, they adjust the thermostat slightly. No arguments are necessary. We are a small group and we get along well. The ductless system and smart thermostat has increased our productivity by quite a bit. I am in a group with great people from different departments. I have made some wonderful friends too. That is a benefit that I never expected.

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