Made a mistake with my HVAC

It’s not very often that I admit I made a mistake, but last week I had to admit my wrong doing.

I can’t even really explain what happened, but I almost started a fire with my oil heater.

I turned up the thermostat really high, and had something over the oil heater! I noticed a weird smell from the area that all my HVAC equipment is housed, so I called my HVAC technician. I didn’t think anything bad was happening, but I thought maybe my heating and cooling system needed a cleaning. When the HVAC technician arrived he said it smelled like smoke and ran to the oil heater. He uncovered the heating system stopped a fire from happening. I couldn’t believe that I hadn’t checked the oil heater to make sure everything was okay. I am certain that the HVAC technician saved the day and saved my entire heating and cooling system. He didn’t even charge me for his HVAC services because all he had to do took about 5 seconds! I gave him a huge tip anyways, and he gave me some energy saving tips in exchange. I was so embarrassed that almost started a fire with my HVAC system, I feel like I would be so ashamed! My friend’s and I are always scared that we are going to ruin our houses somehow, and I would be horrified if I burned the whole thing down because of my HVAC system. I will be calling the HVAC technician again when it’s time for me to install a ductless mini split system, I am tired of having to deal with ductwork.



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