It all fell down

Unexpected things can happen immediately, especially when you’re genuinely have an older place. All of us genuinely knew this older place would be problematic, but we didn’t anticipate having to after three problems in a row. At first, all of us were dealing with some leaf problems that led to roof leaks. After we got the roofing problems finished, all of us genuinely had some issues with the AC, ventilation, as well as heating device. Not two weeks after we installed a brand new AC, ventilation, as well as heating device, we had to contact the company again. It’s a good thing that the AC, ventilation, as well as heating device is under warranty, because the motor was bad. It’s been quite a rough week and now things are even getting worse. The other day I was moving around inside of my computer chair. Before I could catch myself, I felt safer I would topple directly to the floor. I was on the ground as well as quickly noticed the problem was a dip in the floor. My hubby came to my rescue as well as we remove the carpet as well as padding to see the floor below. There was a giant hole in the floor in addition to we could see the bottom of the basement. From time to time, the floor must have rotted from all of the use. After having issues with the heating, ventilation, as well as AC device, now we were going to have to worry about remodeling the flooring.