Upgrading to a smart thermostat

I am what some people might consider a workaholic.

I never got married, but my friends joke that I am married to my job.

Some people are family people, and others are career people. I just happen to be a career person myself. I am hardly ever home, so I don’t use temperature control very much. The only problem is, the few times when I am home, it is always uncomfortable due to the lack of temperature control! I don’t want to waste energy by heating and cooling the house all day when I am really only there to sleep at night. However, it’s halfway through the night by the time the temperature in the house is where I want it to be. I mentioned this to a friend of mine, and she suggested that I invest in a smart thermostat. Within a week or two, I had called up the local heating and cooling company for more information. The smart thermostat would allow me to control my heating and cooling settings through the internet. That way, I would be able to adjust the temperature settings before I get home from work. This was the perfect solution for me! Not to mention, the smart thermostat starts to recognize my preferences. On my way home from work, I adjust the temperature settings so that the house is comfortable for me when I get home. However, in the time that I am at home, the smart thermostat will correct itself so that the temperatures remains in my preferred range. In other words, as soon as the house reaches my ideal temperature, the smart thermostat will adjust the settings on my heating and cooling units so that I am not wasting energy.

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