I got an interesting email from the property management of the house I rent.

They sent out this email to remind all residents to get ready for the super hot heat by checking their central heating and air conditioning systems.

The first thing they suggested was to check and change the air filter. Then they also suggested to get a certified heating and air conditioning specialist out to the home so they could do a good cleaning of the ductwork and the air vents. This was all useful information. However, about the ductwork cleaning…they should actually have to pay for that, not us renters. So, I will not be calling a certified heating and air conditioning specialist to do some ductwork cleaning. I do not feel my air ducts have to be cleaned. However, the air filter probably should be changed. I actually never changed the air filter the whole time I have been here in this house! So this was a good reminder! It makes sense as to why I have been having allergy problems too. I was thinking the indoor air quality may have been bad, but it is only bad because of the air filter not being changed! I was starting to think that I may have had to go out and but one of those portable air purification systems. But nope, it is just the air filter never being changed that is causing the bad air quality! I am so glad the property management sent that reminder! It is just too bad they will not get the air ducts cleaned or the ductwork taken care of.

Heater maintenance