Camping and humidity control

I sincerely prefer camping, although I do not prefer camping when pretty much everyone prefer to camp, most of our friends prefer to camp in the middle of the summer, however although it is nice outside plus the water ishotif you want to go boating or fishing, it is absolutely humid where all of us live.

  • Camping when it is humid is not nearly as much fun as camping without high humidity… When I am talking about camping, I am talking about tent camping or renting a lodge in the middle of nowhere, i like to camp in May or May before the humidity overwhelms the good outdoors.

My friends somehow convinced our partner plus I to go camping with them in July last summer, plus it was so humid! The people I was with and I did not have an that all of us could bring to the lodge that all of us were staying in, so I knew that all of us were going to be hot, then one of our friends said that they would bring a minute for our partner plus I to use, but they had a last minute emergency plus were unable to come on the trip. I thought ahead plus purchased a dehumidifier from our condo thankfully, and the dehumidifer was entirely nothing love having an , but it was better than nothing. The people I was with and I ran the dehumidifier in our lodge 24/7 while all of us were camping, plus it made quite a difference. It was not nearly as humid in our home office where all of us kept the dehumidifier. The rest of the lodge was super humid plus awful, but thankfully, all of us did not spend much time inside except to sleep.

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