Breathing so much nicer with my AC

Back in the day, which is how I refer to my golden era of my late teens as well as early 20s, you couldn’t stop my from going camping, i had a giant crew of friends, one of whom had a spot of land out in the woods where we could build big bonfires as well as celebration all night, but what wonderful times those were, just friends as well as tents as well as an endless river of carona as well as music.

That was then, as well as this is now, as well as now you couldn’t spend money myself and others to go out camping.

It may have something to do with all the fun I had back then, however my lungs are weak as well as I need superior air quality to breathe normally, and at lake apartment I keep a small media whole-apartment air purifier in my room next to my bed, although I usually leave the Heating as well as Air Conditioning running 24 hours a day. Besides that I also use a dehumidifier downstairs, because of that moisture problem we had due to leaky pipes in the basement. The point is that I rely on way too several machines as well as devices to maintain my indoor air quality, so spending a weekend in the woods no longer has any appeal to me, and perhaps if I were to have a camper or an RV, something that had a weather conditions control system in it, that might work. But if you sleep in a bed next to an a/c, is that honestly even camping? It isn’t, in my book, so I will just stay lake apartment as well as breathe easy with my central air conditioner.


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