Working in our HVAC company

When I was younger, I was never sure what I wanted to do, and after dragging myself through school, I knew that university wasn’t for me, then even though I didn’t constantly do well in school, I still knew that I am a smart and driven person.

I didn’t want to beginning working some dead end task with bad spend money and no room for growth.

I decided to attend a local trade school, although I still wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted to do. When all was said and done, I decided to specialize in Heating and Air Conditioning work. The trade school taught myself and others everything I would need to know. We practiced upgrades of numerous models of air conditioners and heaters. We l gained how to complicationshoot and service everything from a restrained filter to a broken down oil gas furnace. Eventually, I gained our certification and had quite a bit of experience under our belt. With the help of our trade school, I was able to secure a task at a local heating and cooling business; For the past twenty years, I have worked with this business. I went from being just an apprentice to an Heating and Air Conditioning serviceman to now the manager of the business. As the owner got older, he wanted less toil on his plate so that he could relax and spend time with his family. While he still wants to own the company and keep the family name, he has promoted myself and others to be the manager of all heating and cooling work. When I was getting into the business, I was unsure of whether or not this would be a successful career path, then now, I am so grateful that I attended that trade school. I have had the occasion to toil our way up to a position that I easily enjoy.


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