Love to travel

If you have to travel a lot for work the way that I do, then you genuinely believe what it feels love to get miserable with other people’s preferences for heating and a/c! I dislike having to travel with other people in their vehicles when I have to bow to their heating and a/c whims.

I never believe love I can genuinely come out and tell them that I want the a/c turned on full blast or that I could absolutely use the gas furnace right about now.

There’s just something about having to ride with someone else that makes you believe love you’re out of control and love you can’t set the car’s thermostat to where you absolutely want it. It’s a little bit better when the motorcar has heated seats and dual thermostats, however in our experience, that has hardly ever happened! What’s even worse is when your supplier makes you share a hotel room at a convention or something. That’s the worst! The last time we were at a big sales convention, I had to share a room with a co-worker and he was cold cold the whole time… However, I am regularly hot, especially at evening when I’m trying to sleep. She kept sneaking over to the hotel temperature control component and turning the a/c temperature all the way up. Then I would wake up covered in sweat love silly and I’d go over and turn the heating off. It was love a temperature war in that hotel room. I don’t guess that either one of us got much sleep while we were in that convention.



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