Cooling down at the rink

It is so weird residing in a country where no one plays hockey, however for me, ice as well as snow was the norm when I was growing up, as well as so no one played baseball or pigskin, we played hockey.

When there wasn’t enough ice, we played street hockey, so moving down here was a shock to the system.

I don’t even guess anyone who watched hockey on TV down here, so it occasionally feels prefer an alien culture. I was never too substantial on street hockey, for myself and others it was an ice rink or get lost, however it’s so sizzling around here there is never any ice, and recently, I found a group that has access to a private skating rink in a weather conditions controlled wareapartment outside of town. Apparently a rich guy had an industrial sized weather conditions control system installed out here so that his little girl could have ice to practice her skating, but since the girl had gone off to school, the dad started renting out the air conditioned space to use for sporting events. It would have been too luxurious, I am told, except for the guy wanted to play hockey himself; He’s got the big AC as well as the ice, he just needed a few guys to play with. That was how this local hockey club was founded, as well as now they meet twice a month at the air conditioned rink to play friendly option up games. I have to say standing out on the ice, under a big air vent blasting myself and others with chilly air, honestly took myself and others back to the afternoons of my youth.