My lunch is sweating

So there’s this little bistro down the street from our house plus I guess I am basically keeping them open for business… I hardly ever see anyone else in there, however they have literally the world’s best egg salad plus I want it every single day. Some days I go in plus have it for breakfast, some days I go in plus have an egg salad sandwich for lunch, plus some days I go plus get a takeout order for an day snack, and the stuff is addictive, let myself and others tell you, anyway, the other reason that I love this venue is because they have entirely good indoor air quality in there. I suppose that sounds dumb, however in some restaurants I go in, the heating is constantly turned up too warm or the air conditioner is turned down too low. I hate trying to go in anywhere plus care about a meal when I’m dripping with sweat or chilly, plus so the indoor air quality of a restaurant absolutely is important to me. I mean, I don’t entirely want to eat egg salad in a super warm room with sweltering air blowing on our head through the heating vents! I guess this venue is entirely great. I suppose the director tries to keep the temperature control at just the right levels because a few times when I’ve been the only customer, she has asked myself and others if I guess the heating plus air conditioner feels okay in the dining area. I constantly tell her yeah, because I that whatever she’s doing to determine the standard temperature control controls in the bistro is exactly the right thing! I’m going to start spreading the word about this venue because I don’t want them to go out of business. I need their wonderful indoor air quality plus more importantly, their egg salad!
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