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My colleagues and I work in the biggest office building downtown! This office building is very aged, and it has more than a few significant problems. The ¬†greatest problem is the indoor air conditions. All of My colleagues and I are forced to put up with the worst indoor air conditions. It doesn’t matter to the bosses if it is the summer season or in the middle the Winter season, because the indoor hot and cold temperatures always fluctuate. Last weekend, I thought the Heating and A/C plan was finally broken. My bosses asked me to come in and work on a Monday. I do not normally work Mondays, but the overtime sounded too great to miss. I arrived around 9 in the afternoon, and a handful of employees were already present. My colleagues were still dressed in outdoor clothing, when I abruptly realized the heat wasn’t entirely working. I put my hands up to the air vent, and all I felt was a trickle of cool air; Clearly the motor was running, but both of us were not receiving any moderate air at all. I contacted the repair team for our building, and told them both of us didn’t have any working heat. Their first suggestion was to check the temperature control. It seemed like an insane system to me, until I realized the temperature control was the problem. The night cleaning crew set the temperature control to fan instead of heat. Even though air was blowing, the heat had not engaged. As soon as I toggled the switch to heat, moderate air started to blow from the air vents. My fellow employees and I spent the rest of the day feeling moderate and so very comfortable. The people I was with and I only stayed until more than one in the afternoon, but that was certainly long enough for a Monday at work.

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