I made a new air purifier

I am so lucky and blessed! My best friend of many years recently became a certified heating and air conditioner business! I was so proud of him! She went to college and graduated in the top ten students for heating and cooling certification. My best friend just got her first task toiling for a local air conditioner and heating repair service, this is not a fully developed heating and cooling business as of now, though. They only do Heating, Ventilation, and A/C repair. They hope to eventually be selling heating and air conditioner equipment, but that is still far into the future. The biggest perk now for me, is that my best friend can help me with all of my heating and air conditioner repair. This was not for free, of course, but i would never take advantage of him appreciate that. However, having him as a certified heating and cooling specialist will save me a lot of money. My best friend truly said to myself and others that she would supply myself and others private discounted heating and air conditioner repair when I needed it. This was a pressing relief for me. I always end up spending at least 300 dollars a year on either heating and cooling repairs or general Heating, Ventilation, and A/C repairs. With that being said, now that our best friend is a heating and air conditioner specialist, she can do all this for me, however for half the price! She would never tell the Heating, Ventilation, and A/C repair business she works for however. They wouldn’t appreciate that truly much, however especially the fact she was taking side jobs directly under the table. I would never want to be the person responsible for getting him fired!

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