We need to check the thermostat

Once each year, my HVAC company has a large banquet for all of the executives and their families. The banquet is usually held in the convention center, but last year, they had the banquet at an area resort. As vice president of operations for the HVAC company, my wife and I decided to attend the banquet. I was excited to see our accommodations, because I worked on the committee to choose our destination. It was my idea to choose a resort instead of the convention center. I thought the resort would give the banquet more of a family feel. The convention center is always dull and drab, and it felt dark and lifeless. I was really happily surprised, when I saw all of the decorations. The place was decorated with our HVAC company logo colors. It looked really nice, and everything was chic. My wife and I checked into our room, and we had two Plush bathrobes with the HVAC company logo embroidered on the sleeve. When I say they were plush, I mean they were top-of-the-line wonderful. When it came time for the banquet, my wife and I are dressed in our formals and headed to the large reception hall. Our HVAC company logo was proudly displayed everywhere, but it didn’t look bad. All of the tables were adorned with Swag Bags. It looked like some of the bags were different, but everyone at my table received a beer stein with the HVAC company logo engraved in pewter. We also received a Visa gift card, wireless earbuds, and a coupon for a Ham from The HoneyBaked Ham Company. By the end of the night, I was proudly impressed with the event turn out.

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