This region is perfect

My good friend from school and I consistently do the same boring things on our date nights, but we consistently have dinner at the diner, and the two of us usually see a film as well; I appreciate dinner and a film, but as of late I wanted to mix things up. I told my bestie that I was feeling restless, and she suggested an impromptu trip over to Tampa. We don’t usually spend the weekend in Tampa, because it is many hours away from home. There are a lot of things I enjoy in Tampa, but it can be valuable. When my bestie suggested spending some time in Tampa, I was totally excited! She told me to research some things I enjoy, so the two of us could have a fun weekend full of interest. I thought it would be fun to spend a afternoon in Clearwater, walking on the beach. I was also thinking that we would have a blast doing an escape room puzzle. Down here in Tampa, there is an escape room interest. These Escape rooms are perfect for date night, because the two of us have to work together to solve the riddle. We don’t have any escape room activities in our hometown, so I am thinking that we’ll be at the top of my list soon. A few of my best friends did an escape room puzzle last month, when they went to gamble. I am assuming that my bestie and I will have a fantastic weekend in Tampa. I can’t wait to hear all of her ideas. Between the many of us, I am positive that the two of us will method an amazing weekend in the Tampa Bay area. We’re going to try something unusual and that makes me feel gleeful already.