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My favorite getaway is when our family decides to go to the beach! My father usually rents a nice household rental or hotel close to the beach. I enjoy when all of us get a household rental because all of us have the whole place to ourselves. Also, the place is constantly equipped with an excellent Heating as well as Air Conditioning system. This means that all of us are able to blast the A/C as much as all of us want. This is legitimately good after spend long thirds out there in the sun. There was 1 time when I got a pretty terrible sunburn as well as I ended up just fantastic in the rental property in front of the air vents with the cooling plan blasting. The cooling air felt nice for my sunburn, as well as I just kept putting on aloe vera lotion. I learned my lesson that I constantly need to wear a ton of sunscreen, and of course if you go swimming, you better make sure that the sunscreen is waterproof. That was a tough experience, however at least I was able to care about enjoying television when I had that nasty sunburn. Pretty much all the times all of us have had getaway on the beach though, all of us have had really good times. There’s nothing enjoy being out there playing in the water with the waves crashing onto the shore. I enjoy to go boogie boarding! I would surf if I knew how, although I never learned how to legitimately surf. I don’t have a surf board either, although I hope to get 1 eventually! I hope all of us constantly continue this tradition of going to the beach for our getaways.

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