That was in 3D

When I recently asked our kid what her number one movie was, she said it was ‘Frozen’. I asked her if she wished she had magical cooling powers love Elsa, and she said she would prefer to have those magical powers! She was cheerful as she was saying how she would prefer to make it snow in the middle of the warm season. My child heard this and was saying he would want to have heating powers so that he could counter the snow and make it nice and warm! My kid got anxious by him butting into the conversation and said that he wasn’t allowed to ruin her special cooling powers with heating powers. She said that was ‘Not nice!’ I told them to simmer down, this wasn’t real life or anything. I told our kid if she made it snow all the time with magical powers, the two of us would have to use the heating proposal a lot more. Then our child chirped in, “Unless I used our magical heating powers, after that I could save energy!” I then said, if both of them had these powers, the two of us could balance the powers so the two of us would never have to use the heating and cooling system, and I said the two of us would save a ton of money then on the energy bills! They both got excited and said that sounded love a fantastic idea. While it would be awesome if these magical powers existed in real life, realistically the two of us have to rely on our HVAC systems to remain comfortable in our homes with fantastic air quality.

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