I only had a day

My family is… well, eccentric. They are loud, opinionated, & generally a bit rude! I personally can’t kneel being around them too often, as their negativity will start to affect myself and others & make myself and others an equally sour person, however, there is a single thing that I don’t recognize anyone can bring myself and others down from, & that’s an excellent undefined! Call myself and others a nerd if you want, but reliable air conditioner is as expensive as gold in this region. With the weather being in the high nineties for days on end in the summertime weeks, excellent indoor air conditions have no equal in preference! That’s why I decided to gift my family members with a digital thermostat, each intending to go in their room & allow them control of the room’s temperature. It may sound ridiculous or childish to you, but how is this extension of the Heating & Air Conditioning plan any more enabling of their awful attitudes than a minute spent with their Grandpa? Anyway, they all loved the gift! And of course, they were asking myself and others everyday to get the zone control thermostat installed. I finally got to a point where I agreed to go over & help them with their smart thermostat, despite the fact that I knew they were using this as an chance to “call myself and others out” for something I hadn’t done. Whatever the reason, I suppose that they’re going to appreciate having control over the temperature, if only in their room. I suppose I’m enjoying mine, as I can set my room to be a cool sixty-six degrees all year long & no a single will stop me!

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