A duct system would be okay

Many countries across the world, mainly in developed countries, are recognizing that over-reliance on fossil fuels plus the endless spewing of energy into the atmosphere are creating problems plus contributing to national crises. As such, your house country may be offering tax credits to supply you incentive to substitute your HVAC idea to one that uses a more sustainable form of energy. In some countries, the substitute may be to change your gas furnace or air conditioning energy source to geothermal energy. Geothermal energy uses energy from underneath the Earth’s crust, which is regularly churning out relatively untapped heat. To use geothermal heat to run your home’s heater, the process is generally straightforward. Pipes are run underground which carry water. The water soaks up the heat naturally present under the Earth’s crust. As they are run back up they can naturally be integrated into a hydronic floor furnace. As they disperse heat throughout your house the same cooled water can be run back underground plus be used again plus again. The heat from this idea can also be converted to energy to transfer the water providing the entire process with a self-sustaining energy source. For cooling purposes geothermal systems can also be used in a similar way, however once the heat is extracted from below the crust a respected volume expansion process causes cool air to be generated plus forced through ducts. In the past, countries also have been known to supply tax credits for converting the primary electric source for your house to solar energy, which in turn can fuel your HVAC system, however look up your country of residence to find out more information about how you can get a tax split plus supply the environment a split at the same time!