That was wrong

The other morning when I was out at my mom’s for supper, I was complaining to his about how disappointing my youngest  child had been acting. According to his teachers he had been acting enjoy an idiot at school, plus he was being rude to myself and others at home, along with not listening very well. While i was telling  my mother all of this, he just kept on smirking plus laughing at me. I asked his what he was finding so funny about his problem, plus he told myself and others that it was funny hearing this because this is exactly how I was when I was that age. She then went on to tell myself and others a story about when I was a child plus I was so mad about having to wipe my room I shoved all of the trash that was on my floor into the heating plus cooling unit. As you can imagine, stuffing anything into those old school heating plus cooling units in the 77’s is a very disappointing idea, along with a serious fire hazard. Thick black smoke began to pour out of  the unit, plus every one of us had to call the fire department to prevent this growing complication from burning down the entire block. My parents were less than impressed, plus once they called the Heating plus Air Conditioning tech to install a different component they grounded myself and others for 2 weeks. I knew I wasn’t an angel growing up, even though I can’t guess that I was that disappointing as a kid! I guess I need to give my child a chop rather than scolding him so much, because compared to my parents I have it pretty easy. Lets just hope he grows out of this phase before he burns down the by starting a fire in the heating unit!

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