I thought that was crazy

I was enjoying some genuinely unusual soap opera on cable the other morning. I didn’t even know what this thing was called. It was obviously some old soap opera that got cancelled pretty fast from back in the morning. It was on late night rerun. But in this soap opera, there was a romance going on between some dirty looking heating and cooling specialist and his friend’s partner. It was one of those stories about cheating wives and hubbys. Honestly, it was the most silly thing I ever seen! The person would always have heating and A/C concerns, or so she said. And she would call the heating and A/C specialist over. They would then make out and do all kinds of soap opera type stuff. Then, the hubby came home. He caught his friend, the heating and A/C specialist with his partner. He pulled out a gun and shot him. Then, the heating and A/C specialist died with some goofy music playing. There were no more episodes after this. I recognize this whole storyline was so awful about the heating and A/C specialist, that they killed the show too! I do not blame them! It had to have been one of the worst cable shows I ever watched in my entire life! I know one thing for sure, if I was the one writing that script, it would have been better. I would have never picked a heating and A/C specialist! I would have made the guy a bit more professional than that. Maybe made him a lawyer or a doctor.

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