College dorms and climate control

Back in college, I did not have my own vehicle yet, nor was I attending a college that was very close to home. As a result, I had no choice but to live on campus. While I had no doubt of the quality of the education that I was going to get at this college, as I had done my research, had heard rumors that the dorms had some issues. First off, I heard the freshmen and sophomores were often crammed into small rooms like sardines. That turned out to be true. They fit 6 people in a room just barely big enough for them with three double bunks. I really hoped I was going to end up getting along with my roommates, because we were really going to get to know each other throughout the semester, whether we liked it or not, that was for sure! I ended up getting along pretty well with my group of guys, but there was a bigger problem than space. The climate control in the dorms, at least the lower classmen dorms that is, sucked. The air-conditioning may as well have been sucking air instead of blowing it, because we barely felt it. We ended up having to buy fans, which restricted the space in our room even more than it already was. This coping method worked somewhat, but then we had to deal with the winter. The heater was predictably of poor quality as well. Trouble was, we did not feel safe attempting to use a space heater in that cramped room. We bought more blankets instead!

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