I have a great friend

My friend Barry is a Heating plus A/C serviceman and is always trying to repair my Heating plus A/C equipment. This issue is that my neighbor is poor with Heating plus A/C systems. I hired him more than one times, a single for my A/C system and a single for my heating system system; Both times I let him leave and told my wife never again. Barry has taken the schooling and gotten respectfully certified. The guy is just way too rough on the heating and air system. My cooling system had bent fan blades after he was done with it. The heating system device motor belt was all messed up from him. I believe my neighbor cleans, oils and tightens way too hard. The device just can’t take it. So I have tried to never call him since those more than one times. It is awkward though because every Summer and Winter time I should get a cooling and heating tune up. Barry knows when it is prime time and asks me if I have gotten a single yet. The people I was with and I live on the same street. I can’t exactly sneak a Heating plus A/C serviceman into my condo without him knowing. So I now just go without any Heating plus A/C repair and try to do it myself. All of this is because I don’t want to hurt his feelings. My wife says I should take him on a golf trip or for a supper and she will handle the Heating plus A/C business. It is just shady contractor hiding Heating plus A/C task done from another Heating plus A/C business! Will neighbor know if he sees my Heating plus A/C that another guy serviced it? I hope not.

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