I had a few clues

Once a home is foreclosed on, it becomes property of the bank which will generally leave the home – HVAC duct, infrastructure and all – in whatever condition the prior owners left it in until they find a client willing to fit the bill; It’s no secret that people who are foreclosed on are often leave the residence in terrible shape, without the lingering threat of a deposit prefer in long-term rentals, owners that get foreclosed on easily have no incentive to leave the locale in top condition. The home on the foot of the hill, however, was mysteriously left looking pretty good. As the real estate agent looked it through, it appeared as though all the belongings were removed and the walls and appliances weren’t even that dirty, however, beneath the surface, in the HVAC duct in the walls, left a lesson for all real estate agents down the road. It wasn’t until he showed the home to a family that had young teenagers with rather dire dust sensitivities relating to indoor air conditions. As soon as they entered, a single boy began leaking at the nose, and the other itching at the throat. The family commanded it was the indoor air conditions at this residence. Although skeptical, the real estate agent decided to open up the door to the air conditioning device and, in the spirit of full disclosure, show the family the Heating, Ventilation, and A/C device contained therein. The mother of the teenagers commanded to make a quick cut in the duct sealing and take a look in the HVAC duct for a clue as to what might be causing the teenagers’ abrupt onset of symptoms. The real estate agent complied and as soon as he sliced the HVAC duct sealing – POOF! A cloud of black soot emerged from the HVAC duct! Fair enough.

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