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I have had all sorts of complications with the drains in my home. The water would drain so slowly that it left behind a disgusting residue of soap scum; Sometimes the drains would completely clog, plus I’d be stuck with resting water. Every drain in the lake house was an aggravation. I have constantly been careful not to put any grease or solids down the living room sink. I use a strainer in the tub plus lavatory sink drains to catch hair. I had no idea why the drains weren’t operating properly. I kept a plunger handy, plus frequently was forced to attack the various drains. I tried natural remedies, such as peroxide plus baking coffee to try plus clear the drains. I’ve tried chemical drain cleaners without any success at all. I was actually reluctant to hire a licensed plumber because of the cost. I eventually got tired of dealing with the concern plus busy a repair. I expected the plumber to cause a giant mess in my home, charge myself and others a fortune plus not actually solve anything. Instead, he utilized something called a video drain line camera which provided an accurate image of the inside of my pipes. It was actually clear that tree roots had invaded the lines, causing a blockage plus restricting drainage, because the camera sent back a signal, the plumber was able to pinpoint the location of the problem. There was actually little disruption to my turf plus the drainage pipe was repaired within a matter of hours. The repair was not overly extravagant. Now, my drains operated perfectly.

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