I got the cheapest air conditioner

This was the year of my parents 50th anniversary – we decided we would celebrate in a big way for it too! We all came together – my siblings, cousins, aunts and uncles – to throw the largest family gathering ever! My parents are quite humble folks, great Christians who feel that giving is a virtuous thing to do, and that greed is to be eschewed. They have never had any sort of get-together, especially something this big, dedicated to them. I knew it would make them uncomfortable for sure, however we had all vowed to make it a night to remember for them. The preparations had started weeks ahead of time, however finally the night had arrived, which is of course when the central AC decided it was going to crash and burn. The most inopportune time possible, honestly, and the cooling system was totally dead! My sisters and I put our heads together and tried to figure out the best way to create a cool air flow happen as soon as possible, because getting the AC fixed by a technician a day from then wouldn’t have done us any good. Instead I jumped into the car and drove to the closest superstore where I found the smallest, cheapest air conditioning unit they had. I didn’t need it to cool off the whole house, just the room we were occupying, and all it needed to do was last the next few hours! Fixing the central heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system was a problem for another afternoon, tonight I just wanted to save the the 50th anniversary family gathering.