I didn’t cause any harm

Technology changes so fast these days that can make your head spin. All say baby boomer, or so they call us, we have seen things evolve over the past years that we never thought possible.  We didn’t even really have computers when I was a kid let alone the internet or cell phones. Now that we do, many of us can’t see our lives operating on a normal basis without them. I was amazed the other day when we were appliance shopping and found that many of the new models are wifi-connected. They’re able to be diagnosed with problems without a technician even coming to your home and that is something amazing. It’s also a little scary will you think that your refrigerator or washing machine and talk to someone outside of your home. It wasn’t surprising when are HVAC representative told us that those systems are connected as well.  The nice thing about it is we don’t even have to be home to adjust the temperature or check on the status of our HVAC system. We can feel free to head out on a two-week vacation and even if there are reports about whether check to make sure it is running properly. This gives us great peace of mind. In the past if we heard that there was severe weather and power outages we had to have neighbors go and check on the system once the power was restored, now we simply log on with our cell phones and make sure it is up and running. If there’s a problem we can contact our HVAC dealer and have repairs made even while we are away on vacation.  Who knows, maybe one day our appliances will be able to repair themselves, you never know.

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