Half my studio is full

I decided to rent out the basement in a small hotel business. I wanted the basement as my karate studio. I got the space for very low rent. The ceilings are a bit short but doable. The real issue is that there is not enough space. The reason is that the boiler system for the motel business is in the basement. The owner of the motel business left that little detail out. He said he cleared everything out and gave me the dimensions. He did not mention that a giant heater also is living in the space with me. Half of the studio is the heating equipment. The boiler gets super hot and I am constantly warning students not to touch it. We have to work around the heating equipment and there is not a lot of leftover area. I can barely have my students throw kicks and do combinations. The only bright side to having the boiler is for the heating aspect. The motel I know struggles with having proper heating. People complain all the time that the boiler doesn’t work. It works good, maybe a little too good in the basement. In the winter everyone is toasty warm in my studio. I don’t have to worry about buying a separate heater for the space. Also in the summertime when the boiler is off, it is nice to set things on it. I am still hopeful that the motel owner will decide to get new heating equipment and the boiler will be kicked out. Having more space is more important than heating.

heat and cool unit