A road that’s more fun

My husband and I have been living out of a van for the last ten years and it has been such an interesting experience. When we first moved into the van, neither one of us had much experience with fixing things. On top of not having much experience in that field, we were broke at the time so we had to invest in some things that were very low quality. One thing we learned was not worth saving a few hundred dollars over the most was our heating and cooling unit inside of the van. The heating and cooling unit we decided to go with was one of the oldest units that the HVAC heating and cooling company in town was selling. It was so old and out of date with the rest of the units that the person who was helping us pick the unit even suggested we go with a new heating model. After only a few days on the road with this heating unit, it broke down on us in the middle of the night during a mild snow storm. Let me tell you something, when you are inside of a small van, you realize how quickly you can go from nice and warm to freezing cold. Due to the fact that we had no idea how to patch up the unit ourselves, we had to head back to the HVAC store and buy a brand new one. This one was much more expensive, but it has been with us the last ten years and hasn’t slowed down even an inch. If I have one piece of advice for potential van lifers, it’s simple. Invest the money in your van. If you want to stay warm, don’t be cheap!

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