Where do we go from here

When my child joined the navy, I knew she would have a strenuous time getting used to being away, however, she always loved staying close to home, plus her and her dad had a special bond. She didn’t want to go to university in addition, she wasn’t interested in any recognizable trade. She thought she could learn a skill in the navy, while saving some cash for university, I tried to keep her home, however girls will eventually Fly Away From Home. My child graduated from boot camp a few months ago, plus now she is stuck on the other side of the country. She is 2000 miles away from home, however, it seems like she’s on another planet. Josie calls home every day, and she sounds distraught and frustrated. She has not made many friends, because she is so introverted. Josie has been seriously homesick, especially since the weather has been colder. Josie has never experienced frigid or icy temperatures, because all of us live in a tropical climate. Josie misses being home, plus she is freezing cold, but last week, I decided to send her a care package. I included my famous cookies and brownies. I also sent Josie a small personal heater. It’s only the 49 square inches, however the oil furnace should provide adequate warmth in Josie’s room, even though the personal oil furnace plus brownies won’t make things better, I hope she knows that I care about her. I guess she will get the personal oil furnace plus cookies, tomorrow or the day after! The mail seems to take ages, when it comes to the navy postal service.

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