I found some courage

My wifey and I met 6 years ago. We were both working at the shopping mart, and my wifey was a cashier. I used to make excuses to leave the butcher station, just so I could talk to her. It took a few weeks to master my courage, but I finally asked her out on a first date. The two of us dated for a few years, before we finally decided to move in together. The lease on my home was up. She, on the other hand, was renting a house. It made a lot of sense to move into her house, instead of finding another new location together. My wifey already had a lot of stuff, furniture included, but I made myself at home. After a few weeks, I noticed a lot of indoor air quality issues. My laptop and office were set up in the spare study room, where there was hardly any indoor air flow; however, other areas in the house were terrible as well. The bathroom had absolutely no air flow, even when the HVAC unit was running. The bedroom air vents seemed to have very little air flow as well. I thought the indoor air conditions could be improved, so I called our neighbor Scott. Scott works for an AC installation supplier. I asked Scott to come by and look at the house. Scott noticed the decreased airflow right away too, and thought the problem was in our HVAC duct, He went into the attic, where he noticed a piece of ductwork completely detached. The detached piece of ductwork was between the study room and bedroom. The detached ductwork was the reason for the decreased airflow and horrible indoor air conditions. It only took our neighbor an hour to repair the problem.

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