Bathroom air vents

I really love to travel. Every year I get together with my friends and we decide where we want to go for the next couple of months. I think the best way to travel throughout the country is to take road trips. It is a fun and different way to get to see small towns that you would normally just fly over. I know that a lot of people think that road trips are a wait of time and take too long. While it does take much longer to drive somewhere than fly, I think the experience is much better. You don’t have to worry about an airline losing your bags or sitting next to someone that is snorming. While you are driving it is just peaceful out on the open road. During my road trips there is one thing I have noticed about the rest stops along the highway. Most don’t have a working HVAC system. Everytime I walk into a public rest stop it is really warm. Especially warm in the summer months. I don’t think they have a heating system either because I remember one really cold day freezing my butt off while waiting to go to the bathroom. My sister and I were waiting in line wishing there was a heating system so we could warm up next to the vents, but that wasn’t the case. I wonder why rest stops don’t have heating and cooling systems? You would think this would be something they would think of but then again they are run by the city and they want to save money.

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