Going over to the drug store

When we were young way back when, we used to have those drug stores that were more than just a place to get your medicine from the doctor. They had soda fountains and you could buy all kinds of candy. It was a great hang out for us young kids. They always made sure to have the place feeling as great as possible too. And what I mean by that was they always made sure that the air quality was the top best around! Their air conditioning system in the summer time months was fabulous to say the least. Also, in the winter, their heating system was just as good. Heating and cooling systems in those days were a lot different than they are today, so having quality central heating and cooling back then was a big deal. It was also nothing short of a miracle for small businesses like the drug store I am thinking of that was in my local town. Central heating and cooling has come a long way in the last 40 years. The upgrades alone have been amazing, and if you were to even have thought of them back then, it would have been considered futuristic to say the least. Central heating and cooling is one of the main things that makes this world go round, next to money of course. Believe it or not, I recently just got my very first central heating and cooling system to call my own. Before that I rented homes. The old drug store really inspired me to do so!