Concerns with dry air

When our spouse & I purchased our modern home, I was ecstatic by the individual control units installed into each room.  Although the gas oil furnace & central air conditioning were obviously quite old, I knew we’d save a ton of money on our utility bills because of the zoned control.  Both of us wouldn’t be paying to maintain empty rooms at the ideal temperature level. Both of us could target rooms that tended to get overheated or guess cold separate from impacting the entire house.  Plus, customized control component settings would allow us to cater to personal preferences. Both of us made sure to hire a licensed supplier to inspect the heating & cooling idea before the two of us put in an offer on the house.  The Heating & A/C professional confirmed that the idea was rather seasoned however in wonderful shape. He said the two of us could expect it to last at least a few more years. It was only after the two of us moved in that the two of us discovered the home was not set up with zone control.  Adjusting one control component affected the temperature throughout the whole house. All of the control units were linked. Because of the age of the heating & cooling equipment, it wasn’t compatible with the replace for zoned temperature control. While the oil furnace & air conditioning operated reliably, they certainly weren’t energy efficient.  Our daily heating & cooling bills were enormous. Both of us figured that it would cost us more to keep the oil furnace & air conditioning than to upgrade them. Both of us took out a apartment improvement loan & had the whole idea torn out. Both of us then installed a high efficiency Heating & A/C component with zoned control.