I have been married for a long time

My best buddy is pregnant! I can’t know that Chelsey is having a precious little baby girl! Chelsey and her husband Mike have been trying to have a baby for almost 10 years, so you can only imagine how happy they are! Chelsey and I have been planning her baby shower for almost more than two months now. She wanted it to be the best baby shower ever, and I actually know it was! She had everything from a hired band to 500 balloons. Even though Chelsey and I are the 1s who planned and did most of it, all of us were completely blown away at how beautiful and precious it was! One of the craziest parts about the entire planning was the morning of the shower. It was the middle of June, and was literally the hottest day of the year. There were 2 air conditioners in the room all of us were doing her shower in, and 1 of them went out that morning. It was so moderate in the room that all of us were afraid that the frosting would simply melt off the cake. We literally went in a frenzy trying to find some more air conditioners to keep the room cool enough! I ended up bringing 1 from our house, and another buddy of ours brought 1 from her house. With more than two air conditioners running, all of us were able to keep the room nice and cool! In the end, it turned out beautiful, however those couple minutes of running around savor chickens with their heads split off was quite intense! I am so glad for Chelsey and Mike, and I suppose that they are so happy to meet their little baby girl!