I did get the warnings

My heat pump system won’t run anymore and I know it is because of the outdoor unit. The harsh weather has been too hard on the HVAC component. Water gets inside of the unit and freezes. This damages the inner workings and allows rust to form. Also, the heat pump unit had been hit a few times with my lawn mower, I am thinking that did not help matters. I right now am looking into potentially replacing just the outdoor unit with the heat pump system. An entire heat pump system is super expensive. The cost of the initial HVAC installation and care for the system was quite high as well. That is why I am trying to save money where I can. I have talked to my HVAC contractor and he is against the idea. The analogy he gave me is with cars. He said just replacing the outdoor unit is like replacing an engine on an old car. Yes, the car will now run, but you don’t get the benefits of a new car. You spend all that money to have a mediocre car for a small portion of time. The HVAC contractor is really pushing just replacing the whole heat pump device. I don’t know if I can afford this and maybe I can replace the indoor unit after a year or two. I would think that this would be allowed and the two units could get along alright. I don’t think it is absolutely necessary to get them both at the same time.

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