I could see there was an issue

This past summer was a record breaking one for the north. Usually the weather gets warm in June and immediately goes away in September. Also the warm summer days in the north only get to be in the upper 70s and low 80s. Just about every person in my town doesn’t own any cooling equipment. Why would we bother with those stats? The past summer was a record breaking high. The heat started early and did not leave until mid fall. Also the weather got in the upper 80s and even hit 90 degrees at one point. Needless to say, my whole town freaked out. We are a small area that has one hardware store. The little store only had a few cooling units and it was bought out within the first week of the summer. The hardware store ordered more cooling units, but we had to wait and people socoped them up fast. My whole town was out of AC devices and were basically crazy trying to get on a cooling system waiting list. You would think that we would all go to the next town over to buy AC right? Well the other towns near us dealt with the same issue. They all had one little store and all the AC was bought out. The closest city was two hours away and there was no guarantee that there would be any cooling. It sounds like a tale from the old country but it is true. Where I live there was not a cooling system to be found or bought.

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