Central heating equipment

Shortly after Christmas Day last year, our furnace broke down. The temperature was well below freezing outside the night that it gave out on us. I was quite concerned, and quite happy that our home had such thick insulation to help us to cope until we managed to get an HVAC technician out to assist us. Despite the insulation though, we spent a couple very chilly nights doing our best to sleep despite the cold, before an HVAC technician could arrive. It turns out that there were some rudimentary repairs that need to be done in order to get it up and running again. I guess the preventative maintenance that I scheduled a couple months prior was not as thorough as I’d hoped. The HVAC technician apologized for the shortcomings ¬†of his associate that had done work on our system earlier that season, and gave us a significant discount on his service to get the furnace up and running again. I was grateful for the discount, but I really wished that this HVAC company had gotten it right the first time. Then I would not have had to make this a service call in the dead of winter because we were all freezing at night. I really hope they will get their stuff together in the future when they service my HVAC system. I really will not appreciate problems with my air conditioning system this coming summer. If they screw up like this again I probably won’t be doing business with them anymore!