I wouldn’t mind my old unit

Last month I had one of those nights where it was so bizarre it almost feels as if it was a dream. I’m not trying to exaggerate or anything like that, it was just that crazy of a night! I woke up in the middle of the night to a strange sound coming from the kitchen. My husband was not in bed, but I was sure that he had to work the grave shift that night for his job so I was sure that it wasn’t him. I watch tons of netflix serial killer specials, so I was thinking my life was in danger. I ran into the kitchen with a golf club raised high yelling “get out or I will call the cops” like a deranged person. In the kitchen, I was met with my husband and my father sitting in front of the heating and cooling unit looking terrified. My birthday was the next day, and they wanted to surprise me by installing a brand new heating and cooling unit which we desperately needed. I work from home each day however, so they wanted to install it at a time that they thought I wouldn’t be able to know what they were doing. This was such a kind and thoughtful thing for them to do. And how exactly did I show them my gratitude? By nearly hitting them with a golf club! I apologize for ruining the surprise and almost attacking them, and I headed back to bed. The brand new and state of the art heating and cooling unit has been working great for us, and the story has been a fun one to tell at family get togethers ever since.