Want the HVAC all repaired

I am moving into a modern lake house in the coming Spring… I have spent long hours looking at homes as well as weighing out the pros as well as cons of each one. Then buying a lake house is a huge investment, so I want to make sure that I have the features as well as amenities that I want. One thing that is high on our priority list is heating as well as cooling. But while I understand I will have to make particular repairs as well as changes when I move in, I don’t want to take on the huge project of heating as well as cooling upgrade. I’d rather have that taken care of prior to the move… The concern is, one of the houses I am interested in has an oil furnace. The oil furnace is not modern by any means, but it functions effectively as well as would not need to be replaced for at least 5 to 10 more years. The trouble is that there is no central air conditioning. I would truly like to have both heating as well as cooling, so this is a big drawback for me. That’s why I am starting to lean towards our number two option. While this lake house is a little bit smaller than the first option, it has central heating as well as cooling throughout the lake house that was newly installed. The heating as well as cooling operate silently as well as efficiently through a split duct system. This allows me to heat as well as cool each room to whichever preference I see fit. This would be less extravagant when it came down to paying utilities, but not to mention, it would not need to be replaced for several years. While I truly like particular aspects of the other house, I believe like I should go with the lake house that ensures quality heating as well as cooling.

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