Tired of dealing with the oil heater

There is nothing that aggravates me more than being out of town on business, only to get the text from my roommates that the people I was with and I are out of oil. I don’t really understand how these people go through it so much. I’m absolutely not contributing because I never use it. I’m hardly at the household, and when I am I don’t bother with the central heating device because the temperature control machine doesn’t labor right for me. Instead I use a space heating device to heat my room, and an electric blanket when I’m in the family room… The only thing I use that contributes to the use of the fuel for the oil boiler is the sizzling water–which sadly is done through the the boiler too. Even then, I take the shortest showers in the world and I rarely take a bath! So imagine my shock when I’m away on a company trip and the group household chat pings that our oil boiler has run dry all over again. I feel like I only put in an order a month ago! I can’t tell if my roommates are cranking the temperature control machine when I’m not at the household, or if the people I was with and I just truthfully need a current boiler. This oil boiler is over thirty years of age and it hasn’t been checked in roughly 3 years, however it still works. My property owner claims there’s nothing wrong with it since its still operational. I suppose it might be about that time to call him and strong arm him until he decides to hire an HVAC company to come out and inspect the system. I have a feeling my property owner is avoiding it because he knows that oil boiler needs to be upgraded and doesn’t want to pay for the updatement.

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